Warning!! This Site Contains A Virus. Once Infected, The Virus Will Tempt You To Start Collecting These Classic 80’s Toys!!~

Purpose of My Blog

My blogs will share my childhood memories on some of the best toys ever produced during the 1980’s to 1990’s.

I will discuss more about the creation of these toys, the voices of men / women behind some of these famous cartoon characters and also the various actions figures from  1980s – 1990s toy line.

I hope my blogs will provide a venue for adult decisions of these toys.


My eBay Store Mission

I came about the idea to sell some of my toys collection i amassed since 2000 after I got married and moved to my own home. There is just not enough space for my toys as my wife would complain about spending $$$ on them and taking up space …

I decided to upload my toy collection to facebook and use eBay to sell my collection (I knew they will be well taken care of) to more die-hard collectors .

So Your 80’s Toy Shop was formed in 2010. It was a great way to meet fellow toy collectors and I have met a lot of interesting people (thanks guys for your support!).

Get In touch with me! I sell & buy 80’s Toys : M.A.S.K, DINO RIDERS, STARCOM, CENTURIONS, TRANSFORMERS, VISIONARIES & Many Many More…~

Don’t be shy to post question or inquiry, It may inspire others to start collecting 80’s Toys!


If you like what you see do join me on facebook or visit my store for more 80’s toys


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