MOTU : Origin of Skeletor

 – Origin of Skeletor


I have always wondered where did this bad ass comes from, how did he become Skeletor, the Lord Of Destruction. There was a huge mystery to the orgin of Skeletor as nothing was mentioned in the original 80’s cartoon series. However in the 1987 mini-comics ‘The Search For Keldor‘, clues of it’s origin began to appear. Skeletor was desperate to stop King Randor and He-Man from finding Keldor (King Randor half brother).  

MOTU Mini Comics – The Search For Keldor

In the 2002 He-Man cartoon, we finally know who Skeletor was as Keldor appeared as a blue-skinned villian who was transformed into Skeletor. In a interview with Ian Richter, one of producers of the 2002 series, it is revealed that Keldor is the half-brother of Randor; they have different mothers.

Keldor (half brother of King Randor & He-man’s uncle)

In the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line, Keldor is Randor’s half-brother. He was banished from the royal palace due to his blue-skinned Gar heritage inherited from his mother. He roamed Eternia for knowledge, eventually learning the Dark Arts from Hordak. He sought to rule Eternia and battle his own brother with his villians army. After losing the battle and near death, he turned to Hordak, in exchange for his own freedom, Hordak agreed to save Keldor’s life by merging him with Demo-Man, transforming Keldor into Skeletor — Lord of Destruction!

MOTU Classic Keldor

So one thing for sure Skeletor used to be He-man’s uncle Keldor and how he transformed into Skeletor is still debatable depending on which version you like the 2002 cartoons version or the MOTU classics version.

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