MOTU – Different Skeleton Action Figures from 1982 – 1988

Different Skeletor Action Figures


This following blog is dedicated to the different Skeleton action figures throughout the MOTU franchise.

1982 – Skeleton Action Figure

The very first Skeleton action figure released by Mattel in 1982 had a twist waist and power punch action. The action are similar to He-man figure released in the same year.

The figure came with the purple half of the Power Sword* and purple staff.

* He-man held the other grey half other Power Sword.

Skeletor was first released with a rubber head or ‘soft head’ version as its rubber head is soft & squeezable. In the later years of production, a few early characters was altered to hard head version. The soft head version is more common compare to the hard head version.

1984 – Battle Armour Skeletor Action Figure

In 1984 Battle Armour Skeletor was released with it’s purple staff & purple sword, the only different with original Skeletor is the chest. Its chest have a spring loaded rotating drum bearing three “damage indicators”. It would show no damage, one battle slash & two battle slash when you spin it.

1985 – Dragon Blaster Skeletor Action Figure (his dreadful dragon with the “paralyzing” spray)

In 1985 Dragon Blaster Skeletor was released, it comes with armor that has a dragon on his back. The dragon can be filled with water (or any other liquid) and by pusing on the dragon’s head it sprays liquid from the dragon’s mouth.

A complete piece is diffcult to collect due to it’s many small parts (i.e green lock, green cuff and chain)

1986 – Terror Claws Skeletor Action Figure

Terror Claws Skeletor arms can swing back and forth by pressing the thumb grip on the back.
It comes with 3 accessories-both terror claws, dragon’s skull and red clip

There are two versions of the dragon skull. One, the inside of the mouth was painted red. The second, was not painted.

1988 – Laser Light Skeletor Action Figure

In 1988 Laser Light Skeletor was produced together with another rare Laser Power He-Man for exclusively for the europe market. These 2 motu figures are the rarest figure in the market. A complete working figure could easy sell for USD$1000 (of cos it also depends on how much u want it. ; p)

Laser Light Skeletor lights up it’s hand and eyes when you raise the arm! Man I would love to see it for myself!!! Would you? : )

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