MOTU – Different versions of He-Man Action Figures from 1982 – 1988

He-Man the Action Figures


He-Man action figure was always a toy with great controversial from who design the toy, where the idea came from (Conan was heavily link to the design of the original viking design) to it’s downfall from generating $400 million US sales in 1986 only to only to plummet to $7 million the following year. I will try to gather some information before I create another blog on the downfall on the toy.

This following blog is dedicated to the different He-Man action figures throughout the MOTU franchise.

1982 – He-Man Action Figure

The first He-Man action figure released by Mattel in 1982 had a twist waist and power punch action. The figure came with the grey half of the Power Sword*, a battle axe and a shield, together with a removable baldric.

* Skeleton held the other purple half other Power Sword.

He-Man was first released with a rubber head or ‘soft head’ version as its rubber head is soft & squeezable. In the later years of production, He-Man and a few early characters was altered to hard head version. The soft head version is more common compare to the hard head version.

1984 – Battle Armour He-Man Action Figure

In 1984 Battle Armour He-Man was released afterthe original He-Man, it was originally released with a soft head but later hard head version were produced. The difference between the original He-Man & Battle Armour version was its chest, Battle Armour He-man’s chest had a spring loaded rotating drum bearing three “damage indicators”.

1985 – Thunder Punch He-Man Action Figure

In 1985 Thunder Punch He-Man were released in gold by twisting and releasing his waist, it make him spring forward with a power punch and a loud bang from the cap ring on his back. . The shield had a new design shield which could carry the power sword were released with the figure, together with some red caps.

1986 – Flying Fists He-Man Action Figure

In 1986 Flying Fists He-Man was produced. The figure’s arms moved as his waist rotated. The figure included a spinning trident mace and a rotating shield.

1988 – Laser Power He-Man Action Figure

In 1988 Laser Power He-Man was produced & on sale in UK / Italy / Spain due to it’s limited release this is one of the rarest He-Man figure. Laser Power He-Man’s Power Sword lights up when you raise his arm, its powered by batteries inserted into the back of the figure. It comes in 2 different versions – one with a Classic He-Man head and the other with a new head sculpt inspired by the 1987 He-Man movie.

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