Transformers : Peter Cullen -The Man Behind Optimus Prime

Transformers – More than Meet the Eyes!

Optimus Prime – “Transform & roll out!”

Transformers is my all time favourite cartoons, who do not love a transforming robots that kick arse! Autobots leader – Optimus Prime is one of my favourite cartoons character.  I remember running home after school to watch Transformers and talked about it the next day with my classmates.  It was always the first things we talked about in school!

When I was young I have always wondered who is the man behind Optimus Prime.  It wasn’t until the Transformers movies came out on the big screen that I started googling about the man behind my favourite robot Optimus Prime.

Who is the man  behind Optimus Prime?

Peter Cullen – The Man behind Optimus Prime

Peter Cullen is aka Optimus Prime, this cool dude is also the voice behind Ironhide.

He has stated that Optimus is his favorite voice role, and that he based the voice of the Autobot leader on his older brother Larry, who served in Vietnam. “When he came home, I could see a change. He was quieter and he was a man and a hero to me,” says the actor. “I watched him and listened to him. I’d never had an opportunity to do a superhero, and when that came, [that voice] just came right out of me and I sounded like Optimus.”

He has also stated that he had no idea of Prime’s popularity until the character’s controversial death in the 1986 animated film, as the studio had never given him fan letters from children addressed to Optimus. The public backlash over Optimus Prime’s death surprised producers greatly. Children were leaving the theaters because of the character’s death. The writers temporarily revived the character for a single episode in Season 3 called “Dark Awakening”. Initially, this was intended to be his final appearance, but after fan requests continued, “The Return of Optimus Prime”, a two-part episode was produced.

Click here for a 4 min interview with Anime Access

Click here for a 3 min interview of the voices behind the first Transformer Moive

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