He-Man and Master Of The Universe – 1980s Filmation He-Man cartoon

He-Man & Master of the Universe Flimation cartoons

 He-Man & Master of the Universe the cartoon version

[ Click here for He-Man Opening Theme. See Prince Adam & Cringer transform into He-Man & Battle  ]

He-Man’s true identity is Prince Adam of Eternia, he is the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena, they live in the palace of Eternos. Marlena was a lost astronaut from the planet Earth who crash landed on Eternia. Castle Grayskull is the source of He-Man’s powers. The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull bestowed Prince Adam with the power to transform into He-Man, which Adam did by raising his Power Sword and proclaiming, “By the power of Grayskull…” Once the transformation was complete, he continued “…I have the power! She also created He-Man’s harness from a rare Eternian mineral called Coridite, which adds to his physical strength.

Prince Adam has an equally crowdly pet tiger call Cringer. When Prince Adam transform into He-Man, Cringer undergo a similar transformation & changes into Battle Cat. Battle Cat is He-Man loyal stead and fighting companion.

Duncan or commonly known as Man-At-Arms. Man-At-Arms is He-Man’s closest friend & mentor, he’s the royal family’s Chief Inventor. In the cartoon, Man-At-Arms has a habit of creating amazing weapons or devices that help He-Man and his friends.

Adam and Teela are best friends as they grew up together and she is adopted daughter of Man-at-Arms. Teela grew up and become Captain of the Guard. One of her duties is to protect Prince Adam which she finds lazy and cowardly. She never figured out that Prince Adam was actually He-Man. Teela is later revealed to be the Sorceress’s daughter and the future guardian of Grayskull.

He-Man & Master Of the Universe Cartoon Lineup

Skeletor is He-Man arch enemy. He is a blue-skinned black magic sorcerer with a skull for a head. His origin has always remain a mysterious but the cartoon describes him only as a “demon from another dimension,” the mini-comic implies that Skeletor’s true identity is Prince Keldor, older brother of King Randor and He-Man’s uncle.

Rare poster from 1983 – MOTU 2nd Season

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