My First Toy

Below is my personal account of my very first toy.

I remember vividly that the first toy I laid hands on was a Master of The Universe HE-MAN action figure from 1982, I was only 5 years old then and my jaws dropped when i saw HE-MAN with his musclar  physique and cool weapons (this guy got a Power Sword, Ax and a Shield) and this guy could PUNCH! It was a BIG deal for a 5 year old .

He-Man from Master of the Universe

My brother was the one who brought it, he was in Primary 1,  he would save his pocket money and purchased it from the local stationary shop. I remember the toys were displayed in a 4 layered glass cabinet that’s around my brother’s height (around 1.2m for a 7 yrs old ; p ) MOTU figures were display neatly inside. There were He-Man, Skeleton, Battlecat, Man at Arms,  and many more.

Battle Cat carries He-Man into battles with Skeleton

Skeleton & Panthor from Master of the Universe

My mom would sent my bro to school and I would always find an excuse to tag along (my mom don’t like a 5 year old following her when she shop at the market) as we would pass by the stationary shop where both of us would spend what felt like eternity standing there watching our favorite toys (ps. it’s actually 10mins in real time).

When I grew older and started Primary school, we would save our pocket money together to buy one Master of the Universe action figure but it also created a small problem as to who will get to play first! My bro would usually give me the honor of opening the card and played.

Another problem soon arise when our collection grew bigger…

My mom would scold us when she realized that we spend our pocket money on toys instead of books or food.

So we devised a plan to sneak our new addition into the house…

We lived in a HDB flat along the corridor so we have 2 windows, 1 in the living and 1 in the bedroom. One of us (usually me) would go back first to distract my mom while the other would drop the toy into the bedroom window (my bro is taller so he’s the designated dropper). However soon my mom discover our plot and as usual we got a scolding from her again.

First He-Man Cartoon Poster from 1983

A trvia question for anyone reading this:

1. Does anyone remember how much does a Mint on Card He-man cost in the 80’s?


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